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Belmont Park

Belmont Park is a historic oceanfront amusement park located in the Mission Beach area of San Diego, California. Known for its iconic Giant Dipper roller coaster, this classic amusement park has been a popular attraction since its opening in 1925.

About the Place

Belmont Park is a nostalgic seaside park that offers a variety of attractions and entertainment for visitors of all ages. With its mix of classic rides, modern thrill rides, arcade games, and eateries, the park maintains a balance between its historic charm and contemporary appeal.


Opened in 1925 by sugar magnate John D. Spreckels, Belmont Park was part of the Mission Beach Amusement Center, a beach resort community that was designed to stimulate real estate sales and promote tourism. The Giant Dipper, the park’s most famous ride, is one of the few remaining wooden roller coasters still operating on the West Coast.


  • The park is anchored by the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, a historic wooden roller coaster that has been restored and is now a designated National Historic Landmark.
  • Belmont Park offers free admission; visitors can enjoy the ambiance and stroll around without the need to purchase a ticket. Individual ride tickets or all-day ride passes are available for purchase.
  • Attractions include various thrill rides, bumper cars, mini-golf, rock climbing, and an escape room.
  • Belmont Park also features the Plunge, an indoor swimming pool that’s one of the largest in Southern California.


For more detailed information on attractions, hours of operation, and events, you can visit Belmont Park’s official website at


Belmont Park is located at 3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, situated right along the beachfront in Mission Beach.

Things to Do

At Belmont Park, visitors can:

  • Ride the historic Giant Dipper and other amusement rides.
  • Play arcade games, mini-golf, or laser tag.
  • Enjoy food and drinks at the various restaurants and beachfront eateries within the park.
  • Shop at beachfront boutiques offering a range of souvenirs, beach gear, and local crafts.
  • Relax on the beach or take a swim in the ocean just steps away from the park.
  • Rent beach cruisers or rollerblades to explore the Mission Beach Boardwalk.

Tips for Visiting

  • Since Belmont Park does not charge an entrance fee, it can be a great place to visit even if you’re on a budget, as you can choose which activities you’d like to pay for.
  • The park can get busy, especially on weekends and during summer. Arriving early can help you avoid the biggest crowds.
  • Parking in the area can be limited, so consider using public transportation, ride-sharing, or parking further away and walking to avoid the hassle.
  • Check the website or call ahead for information on any planned maintenance or closures to avoid disappointment.


Belmont Park is a slice of Californian history and provides a fun-filled day out for families, couples, and groups of friends. With its combination of beachside location, historical significance, and an array of attractions, Belmont Park offers a distinctive experience that captures the essence of San Diego’s coastal culture.

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