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Maritime Museum of San Diego

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is renowned for its world-class collection of historic vessels, including sailing ships, steam-powered boats, and submarines. The museum offers a rich educational experience and a deep dive into maritime history, exploration, and the relationship between the city of San Diego and the sea.

About the Place

The museum is located along the North Harbor Drive waterfront in downtown San Diego. It provides a dynamic and immersive look at maritime culture, featuring exhibits and a fleet of historic vessels that visitors can board and explore.


The Maritime Museum of San Diego was established in 1948 by a group of local historians and maritime enthusiasts. The museum has since grown to become one of the most significant institutions of its kind, dedicated to preserving and presenting maritime heritage and historical ship preservation.


  • The museum’s collection includes the Star of India, an 1863 iron bark that is considered the world’s oldest active sailing ship.
  • Other notable vessels at the museum include the HMS Surprise, a replica of an 18th-century Royal Navy frigate featured in the film “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” and the B-39, a Soviet-era submarine.
  • The museum also operates the Californian, a replica of a gold rush era revenue cutter and the official tall ship of the state of California.
  • Educational programs, sailing adventures, and public events are offered by the museum to enhance the visitor experience and promote maritime history.


For information on exhibits, tours, educational programs, and sailing opportunities, you can visit the official website of the Maritime Museum of San Diego at


The Maritime Museum of San Diego is situated at 1492 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101.

Things to Do

At the Maritime Museum of San Diego, visitors can:

  • Tour the Star of India and other historic vessels, each with its own unique story and design.
  • Visit permanent and temporary exhibits on maritime history, navigation, and shipbuilding.
  • Participate in educational programs and workshops suitable for all ages.
  • Experience being at sea by joining a sailing adventure aboard one of the museum’s historic ships.
  • Attend special events such as reenactments, festivals, and naval celebrations.
  • Enjoy harbor cruises aboard historic steam-powered vessels.

Tips for Visiting

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be climbing ladders and walking on the uneven surfaces of historic ships.
  • Check the museum’s schedule for any special events or sailing opportunities during your visit.
  • Allow several hours to fully explore the vessels and exhibits.
  • Be mindful of the opening hours, as they can vary seasonally or during special events.


The Maritime Museum of San Diego is a treasure trove for those interested in naval history and maritime adventure. It offers a unique opportunity to step aboard historic ships and experience the maritime past in an interactive and engaging way. Whether you’re a history buff, a family looking for an educational outing, or simply in search of a unique San Diego experience, the Maritime Museum is an attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

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